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A former saddle bronc rider for 23 years which included amateur and pro, Bob no longer rides bucking horses on purpose. Today he cares for and trains the horse herd at Diamond 7 Ranch.

Bob is one of four children and grew up on a horse farm in Southwestern Alberta where his father trained horses. He has trained horses in Arizona and throughout Alberta. Bob has also shared arenas with the likes of George Strait and Kiefer Sutherland, and spent hours riding with and for some of the world’s top trainers.

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Diamond 7 Ranch Profile Picture

Diamond 7 Ranch | What it takesYou can train skill but you can’t train common sense. It takes life experience. Ranching demands a hundred different skills to do the job, from fixing equipment to taking care of the horses, cattle and the land.

One of the biggest things that I ever learned was to take my time – especially with horses. With horses, you show them the way gently without forcing them and pretty much every time this will work. If you merely guide them you will build a better relationship – one that is built on trust. Start with a solid foundation and you will end up with a better horse.

DIamond 7 Ranch Role ModelI don’t only work with my fellow team of ranchers, I have a team of horses that I know and work with and that help to get the job done. They are an integral part of our operation. They all have their own personalities, like our ranch horse “Bart” – he’d jump in your pocket if you let him.

DIamond 7 Ranch Role ModelYou are always challenged with doing things better. You work on getting better every day – whether it is working with the cattle or training the horses.

DIamond 7 Ranch Role ModelMy Dad is my role model. He was extremely passionate about horses and he brought them into my life. He was a really hard-working man, who carried a lot of pride in what he did. He also taught me the importance of connecting with people and that relationships are important. He would say hello to everyone he met, even a stranger on the street. He was a handy and a practical man but even more than that, he had a huge heart.


Diamond 7 Ranch Favourite thingI have a lot of favorite things at the ranch like bringing the cows home and long rides. I have a lot of favourite places too, the ranch is so diverse. From wildlife, to forest and mountain range, our cattle get to live and pasture on some of the most beautiful land in the world. I am blessed to be able to share a part of this land every day, in a job that I can’t believe at times that I get paid to do.

DIamond 7 Ranch Role ModelMy father always told me to make sure that I make a living doing what I LOVE. He also told me that a true horseman takes care of his horse first.



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