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Lori-Anne is a fifth generation of a ranching family from the Jumping Pound area near Cochrane, Alberta. While her Mom ran the family ranch Lori-Anne moved to Cape Breton Island to earn an Honours Degree, with distinction, in Cultural Anthropology and a Social Research certificate. Lori-Anne worked a summer at Diamond 7 while still in University and then was offered a full-time position at Diamond 7 after graduation in 2007. After several years Lori-Anne made the decision to leave Diamond 7 to pursue other careers while still living on her home ranch and maintaining involvement in Agriculture. In 2018 Lori-Anne moved off the home ranch and started a family with her husband and new baby, Elise Dawn. That same year Lori-Anne was offered, and joyfully accepted, a return to work at Diamond 7 Ranch.




Diamond 7 Ranch | What it takesIt takes knowing your priorities/values and sticking to them whenever possible This means a commitment to the land and animals on their schedule, not yours. It also takes community. There are so many moving parts and many beyond our control. It takes family, co-workers and neighbours, to support you and give their knowledge and experience. This means also a willingness to ask for help, learn and adapt. My parents always told me to only be a rancher or farmer if its in your heart.

Diamond 7 Ranch | Biggest ChallengeThe general population are becoming increasingly distant from food production. Just two generations ago most people still made a living related to agriculture. This is drastically changing making education the most vital tool for the continuation of agriculture. Successful education is reliant on people in agriculture having the time, opportunity and openness to teach and discuss hard topics. It also is paramount for the public to have access to, and be willing to participate in, these discussions.


Diamond 7 Ranch Favourite thingI love the connections and impacts. How one species impacts another, how a new practice can make a big difference and how agriculture and society impact one another. My Mom and Grandpa fostered a passion for the link between raising livestock and environmental health. My education has added social and emotional aspects to that connective web as well.

We are making our life off the land. We simply must take care of the soil, earth, plants, water and animals because without it we will have no life and no livelihood. In Alberta the grazing of grassland is essential to the functioning of the ecosystem

DIamond 7 Ranch Role ModelMy Grandparents. Grandpa was an incredible rancher and human being. He had love in his eyes and hard work in his heart. He was the quintessential cowboy gentleman and community builder. I know he would not have been able to do all he had without my Grandma looking after the family, home, and Grandpa. Tirelessly she worked, just as my Great Grandma did and how my Mom does. Those people who are behind the scenes, and often mostly do the less glamorous jobs, are my role models.

Diamond 7 Ranch Profile Picture
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