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Diamond 7 Beef

Our Diamond 7 Beef is raised from birth on the open range, grazing on native grasses and, when the heavy snows come, our ranch-grown hay. Quality beef is ensured by balancing grass with grain in the finishing stage, uniquely accomplished in open pasture. The result is the leaner, more flavourful taste of Diamond 7 Beef.

Diamond 7 is committed to the humane treatment of animals.  Our ranch hands are trained in and use low stress cattle handling techniques. Diamond 7 Ranch is a member of the Quality Starts Here on-farm food safety program. All of our cattle are age verified and detailed records of our cattle enable individual traceback. Diamond 7 Beef is custom processed by a provincially inspected processor that is certified for natural beef and is committed to humane animal handling.

To inquire about our beef please contact us.

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