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Ryan grew up on a fourth generation working ranch southwest of Longview, Alberta. When the tough decision was made to sell the family ranch, Ryan branched out into various career paths including stand-ins on western movie sets like Shanghai Noon, Jack Bull and the Virginian (remake), where he was a special skills extra (often on horseback.) Ryan also tried the industrial sector and worked as an EMT.  It wasn’t long before he returned to the call of ranching and joined Diamond 7 Ranch.

Diamond 7 Ranch | What it takesAfter our family sold the ranch I was forced to live in town for five years and it gave me perspective. Ranching is not a way of life for everyone – but for some, like me, it is the only way of life. Experience is your true teacher in ranching. And there are always new experiences. You need to be able to adapt. Situations change at a moment’s notice and most times you have no control over that. It is not necessarily a slower pace on the ranch but it is certainly a different one.



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Diamond 7 Ranch | Biggest ChallengeEducating today’s consumer about the business of agriculture and closing the widening gap of understanding is a challenge that faces our industry. There are fewer ranches today than when my family ranch started and there will be fewer in the future. That is creating more of a disconnect.

Staying safe. I have won foot races with protective mother cows…but just by a bit. I have had horses fall backwards on me. Farm safety is important. You can make safe decisions but you can’t always be lucky.

Diamond 7 Ranch Favourite thingIt is about connection. The ranch allows me to involve the kids, whether it is feeding cows, fixing fence or chopping firewood, we can involve them as much as they want to participate. We are connected with the community. It is neighbours helping neighbours and it is still a world of handshakes and your word. We are a group of families here at the ranch, not a group of coworkers.

Diamond 7 Ranch Herd ManagementWe take our pasture and herd management very seriously. We have to ensure our grass supports the cattle but more importantly that we support the grass as well. We don’t overgraze and we take special care of the riparian areas. We are committed to protecting and preserving the water, land and watershed.

Diamond 7 cattle feed on native grassland. These grasses are natural to our ranchland and make the best use of the climate in which they grow. Our native grassland is our key ingredient in creating a superior beef product.

There is an art to handling cattle and we are traditional in our cattle handling practices. We use horses here at the ranch because it places lower stress on the cattle and the land. The old saying holds true; “the fastest way to move cattle is slowly.” 

DIamond 7 Ranch | Favorite TimeSpring is the best time of year on the Ranch for me. There is a freshness in the air and with it brings a new season of promise.

DIamond 7 Ranch Role ModelMy wife Kellie is my role model and my support. She has adapted to the ranching way of life and raising our family in this environment. It wasn’t a natural start for her as she grew up in the city and I admire her ability not only to adapt but to embrace it. She lives and breathes it now. Her strengths balance out my weaknesses. She is a true and strong pioneer-spirited woman.

Diamond 7 Ranch Profile Picture
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